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of ecological restoration

About the EcoHealth Network

We live in a world of possibilities. Ecological restoration projects exist worldwide in which people are doing heroic work to bring ecosystems back to health. But there is little connection among these sites. The EcoHealth Network is changing that. We work at the nexus of soil health, human health, and ecological restoration, where there are answers to some of the most urgent crises of our time.

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The Hobart Declaration on Ecohealth

The Hobart Declaration is an outcome of the EcoHealth Network's Hobart Workshop in Tasmania, Australia, on February 18-19, 2020. Its core message is that ecological restoration activities are good for both ecosystems and people.

The coronavirus emergency has heightened our awareness of our own individual mortality, and of the vulnerability of our evidently unsustainable global and national economic system to the natural catastrophes that system is exacerbating or engendering – fire, flood, drought and now plague. If we are to learn the lessons of this disaster, we need to see nature as more than a comfort blanket to grab in the dark. We need to recognise that our health, in every sense, depends on the health of the natural world. We cannot go back to exploiting nature at current levels, and not expect further dire consequences. That means we will need to change our lives, and lifestyles, not just during lockdown, but for the future.

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A World of Possibilities: Six Restoration Strategies to support the United Nation's Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Six practical strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of ecological restoration in order to meet the aspirations of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. Authored by James Aronson, Neva Goodwin, and Laura Orlando (EHN Steering Committee members), Cristina Eisenberg (Northwestern Plains Transboundary Region hub leader), and Adam Cross (EHN Science Director).

Hands-On Ecological Restoration as a Nature-Based Health Intervention: Reciprocal Restoration for People and Ecosystems

Gary P. Nabhan, Laura Orlando, Laura Smith Monti, and James Aronson. Ecopsychology, Sept 2020,

News & Press

New EHN Science Director and Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that beginning on July 1, 2020, Dr. Adam Cross will be the EcoHealth Network's new Science Director. He is also the recipient of the new EcoHealth Network/Curtin University Research Fellowship in Restoration Ecology.

SER Members in Action: EcoHealth Network

EcoHealth Network is featured in the Society for Ecological Restoration's July 2020 newsletter.

Desert food plants benefit land health and human health

Researchers propose climate-smart desert food production model for and and human health. Steering Committee member James Aronson is a co-author on the paper cited, An Aridamerican Model for Agriculture in a Hotter, Water Scarce World.  University of Arizona News, August 11, 2020