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of ecological restoration

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We live in a world of possibilities. Ecological restoration projects exist worldwide in which people are doing heroic work to bring ecosystems back to health. But there is little connection among these sites. The EcoHealth Network is changing that. We work at the intersection of human health & well-being and ecological restoration, where there are answers to some of the most urgent crises of our time.

Why the oil industry’s pivot to carbon capture and storage – while it keeps on drilling – isn’t a climate change solution. The Conversation, by Neva Goodwin and June Sekera, November 23, 2021

The Conversation published an article by EHN's Neva Goodwin and the New School's June Sekera about the trouble with mechanical and chemical methods to draw carbon dioxide from the air and store it. As Neva and June looked into the data, they became increasingly concerned about the diversion of resources and attention to mechanical and chemical efforts that may do much more harm than good, and away from the promise of biological sequestration of carbon dioxide.

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Cross AT. 2021. Nutrient-acquisition strategy influences seed nutrient concentration and seed-to-seedling transition in ecological restoration in a regional dryland flora. Plant and Soil. An examination of the role of internal seed nutrition as a determinant of seeds successfully establishing in ecological restoration by EHN's Science Director.


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Suzanne J. Milton & W. Richard J. Dean 2021. Anthropogenic impacts and implications for ecological restoration in the Karoo, South Africa. Anthropocene 36: 100307. Drs. Milton and Dean are EHN colleagues and manage the Wolwekraal Nature Reserve, an EHN site, in South Africa.


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News & Press

Healing communities by healing country: First Nations peoples are increasingly leading ecological restoration programs for Australia’s threatened and degraded landscapes, in Natural History of Ecological Restoration (A natural history notebook and joint project of the Missouri Botanical Garden, the EcoHealth Network, and the Restoration Ecology Lab at Virginia Tech), by Leighton Reid, December 1, 2021

EHN is excited to announce we are a partner in the new Australian Research Council Training Centre for Healing Country! This Indigenous-led initiative, based at Curtin University in Western Australia, aims to create and nourish an economy that supports healthy land and transforms Indigenous land management and restoration businesses. It will fuse Indigenous knowledge and traditional approaches with western science, towards growing and strengthening Indigenous enterprises, expanding and bolstering diverse training pathways for Indigenous peoples, and conducting innovative ecohealth and restoration research.

Four Islands, One Vision: A Regional Ecohealth Network in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

Adam Cross, Emily Flies, Kiri Joy Wallace, Keith Bradby, and James Aronson, SER News, Vol. 34, Issue 4, 2020