Publications & Videos


By EHN leadership, members, and allies


Why Poor Places Are More Diverse

A 3:32 min video about biodiversity, by MinuteEarth

Amazing Nature: Flowers Growing In Seconds

From the Planet Earth YouTube channel, this video by Thai filmmaker Chokchai Love King features incredible time lapse footage of flowers growing and blooming.

Sue Milton-Dean on the Renu-Kraal Veld Restoration

In this TEDx Presentation, “The Need for Seed,” Botanist and Entrepreneur Sue Milton-Dean discusses the big picture of ecological restoration and its surprising human impact.

The Urban Green: The Future of a Sustainable City

As part of their City Solutions project, World Wildlife International traveled the world to show the most innovative ecological ideas, technologies, and initiatives being used by cities today.

Neva Goodwin: Strategies for a New Economy Conference

EcoHealth Steering Committee member, Neva Goodwin, discusses the cultural and social aspects of our economy and how they are inexorably connected to the finite ecosphere in which we live. (Video courtesy of the New Economics Institute)