Objectives & Goals


  • Improve the health of terrestrial ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged, or destroyed
  • Protect and nourish soils
  • Enhance, protect and maintain biological diversity
  • Support the development of practical, traditional and scientific knowledge about human health and ecological sustainability
  • Integrate the improvement of ecosystem health with equitable advances in human health;
  • Foster the free exchange of information among people working at the intersection of public health and ecological restoration
  • Respect cultural inclusion, diversity and creativity
  • Build constructive relations between restoration projects and local people
  • Support ecological restoration sites around the world in telling their stories
  • Do no harm


  • To advance the science and practice of work on the frontiers of ecological restoration.
  • To link the science and practice of ecological restoration with public health, and provide scientific evidence for this interconnection.
  • To foster greater public awareness of ecological restoration and the linkage between ecosystem health and public health.
  • To embody cultural and ethnic diversity in our leadership, partnerships, and practices.
  • To influence public policy and planning, and investment.
  • To make clear why eco-health matters so much in our everyday lives and communities and mainstream this understanding.